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Hello! I'm Scrappin' Madge, Independent Consultant Executive Manager for Close To My Heart! Welcome. "The Scrappin' Lounge" is a place to sit back, relax and be inspired. I encourage you to leave comments, follow me on all social media sites and always take the time to do the things you love. Be sure to check out my Blog to see all of my inspiring and unique projects! P.S. Be sure you get your Shop On HERE ***

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Get the FAQ's and Join my  Close To My Heart team today! 

Below are the FAQ's, to all of your questions when joining my Close To My Heart team! If you have any other questions after checking out this page, please contact me and I will help answer any other questions you my have. 

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How Much is the Consultant kit?

The Consultant kit is only $99.00 plus shipping and tax and is filled with over  $300.00 in Close To My Heart products! There are two Consultant kits to choose from. The Scrapbooking Consultant Kit and the Card Making Consultant kit.  Each one is filled with yummy goodness!

Which Consultant kit is for me?

Take a step back and answer the following questions. 

Cards 1- Do you love to make cards? 2- Do you enjoy sending cards out for various occasions? 3- Would you like to teach card classes?


If you answer YES to all of these questions then the Card Consultant kit is for you.

Scrapbooking 1- Do you love to Scrapbook, make cards and altered crafts? 2- Do you love to display your scrapbooks/crafts in your home? 3- Would you enjoy teaching Scrapbooking, Card and altered crafts classes?

If you answered YES to all of these questions then the Scrapbooking Consultant kit is for you.


What are the Quarterly Minimums as a Consultant?

As a consultant you will need to sell and or purchase only $300.00 per quarter.  Easy enough right? I think so!! Especially to receive 22% on your own purchases.  Gotta love that.  CTMH Quarters are standard calender quarters. As a new consultant you are given a little extra time on this and you have until the following quarter to start your minimums.

Although if you are trying to earn extra incentives offered by the Straight to the Top program you will want to aim for $1200 within your first 3 months to earn $99 back to spend however you would like.

Do I get a discount on my own personal purchases?


I am not interested in selling.... Am I still able to join?

Yes... You sure do!! It is a 22% discount Plus the opportunity for more based on your total monthly sales


Of Course!!! We love hobbyists.  You can join and get the awesome kit and still enjoy the discounts on all of your purchases!









What is the Commission Structure as an Active Consultant?

As your sales increase so do your financial rewards!!! 

Base Commission: Make a sale and make a Base Commission of 22% You don't have to wait to collect a check from CTMH  you simply collect the money from the sale, and then remit the product cost to Close To My Heart.  For example if you sold and collected an order for $250 then your would remit $195 to Close To My Heart and keep $55 commission (Excluding Sales Tax and Shipping/Handling).  If you sell products on your Close To My Heart website then you will receive the commission on the 15th of the following month.

Select Product Credit- You will earn SPC each month when you sale at least $10/mo.

Override Commissions- As your monthly sales go up so do your commissions.  Once you sell $1000+ in a month you will receive additions commissions. Up to a possible of 35%. Override Commissions are calculated by CTMH corp monthly and are paid by the 15th of the following month.  Commissions are paid once you have cumulative order or exceed $10.00 You can even sign up for Direct Deposit and your commissions are paid directly to your account.


What kind of training do you receive as a consultant?

You'll receive "Start with the Heart emails" from CTMH and I will also send emails and keep you up to date on our Group Facebook Page.  We also have a getting started 101 PDF that has been put together by the amazing Mandy Leahy! Also in addition to all of this you also have access to the Online training tools. If you need help there is always someone there to help you.

What is STTT?

Can I earn extra incentives?

Straight to the Top- is an incentive for new consultants.  When you sell/purchase $1200 in product in your first 3 months then CTMH will give you $99 to spend as you choose (basically you are getting your Consultant kit for FREE) When I say choose to spend it as you wish, that is what I mean.  Do you want to keep it in the bank? Turn around and re-invest it in you CTMH Business? The choice is yours!

Extra Incentives- The first way is the STTT! There is even an opportunity to earn an all expense paid Cruise for 2 as well as product credit each month based on your monthly sales. Plus, I have different incentives for members of my team each month as well.

Do I get a CTMH Website?

Close To My Heart does offer a FREE website when you are a consultant. Once you join you create your own OBA Website! That rocks socks right? This is where you can send you family/customers to shop 24/7 7 days a week!!! This is an awesome perk to becoming a Consultant with Close To My Heart!  There is also FREE monthly emails that you can have sent out! 





Are Consultants Required to carry an inventory?

No, Close To My Heart Strongly believes that Consultants should not go into debut by carrying inventory.

How do I sign up?

What are you waiting for? It only takes a couple of minutes to get all signed up! Follow this link {HERE} If you have any questions please ask I am here to help you!!!! My Consultant number is #243878734.